Racing Spec 7.2


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At the development stage of Racing Spec 7.2, TORZC lab has only one target in mind – maximizing aero efficiency.

The newly designed 70 mm deep with a 25 mm wide profile rim reduces aero drag in cross-wind at a wide range of yaw angles, optimizing aero efficiency and stability, saving precious watts and making it fast while maintaining at high speed.

Since 2018, all Racing Spec wheels have introduced with the new carbon Diamond Polishing TreatmentTM on the braking surface, which provides supreme braking performance in both wet and dry conditions.

  • Inherited the rolling smoothness from its previous generation predecessor.
  • Increased overall stiffness by 15% while the net rim weight reduced by 8%.
  • Improved stability in aggressive cornering, overall handling, and comfort with the new wide carbon rim
Wheelsize: 700c700c
Weight:831g +/-15g1025g +/-15g
Braking System:Rim CaliperRim Caliper
Braking Surface: All Conditions Brake TrackAll Conditions Brake Track
Rim:USMT Full CarbonUSMT Full Carbon
Rim Depth:70mm70mm
Rim External Width:26mm26mm
Spokes:Aero BladeAero Blade
Spokes Count:2024
Spoke System:Straight PullStraight Pull
Hub Materials:Aluminium BodyAluminium Body
Tire Type:Tubeless Ready Tubeless Ready
Compatibility:-Shimano 9/10/11
Campy 9/10/11
Max. Rider Weight:130 kgs130 kgs

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