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The key to light and stiff !

Our second-generation Ultra Smooth Carbon Fiber Moulding Technology not only has greatly reduced the weight of our rims, it also improves the rigidity of our wheels under strong torque.  Rim produced by this technology has solid homogeneous resin filling that leads to an ultra-smooth rim surface, with a high level of stiffness and lightweight.


Solid but extreme light !

Based on our second-generation Ultra Smooth Carbon Fiber Moulding Technology, we have made a breakthrough in the rims formation process.  TORZC’s unique art of carbon fiber compression and fiber-resin ration can reduce the weight of  rims by as much as 17% without affecting the durability and stiffness.


Rolling with less resistance.

A wider tire with less tire pressure simply rolls faster than a narrow one with high pressure.  Our rim development team has increased our Racing Spec 2nd generation wheels from previously 23 mm to 25 mm in width.  The wider designed rims are perfect fit for wider tires above 25 mm, reducing rolling resistance, at the same time ensures handling, stability and comfort.


Supreme braking performance !

We treat the braking surface with the latest carbon polishing machinery technology, DPTTM Diamond Polishing Treatment. This technology allows the brake pad to work directly on woven carbon fibers avoiding the “run-in” period while braking. It shortens the reaction time of braking, improving braking performance in both wet and dry conditions. With DPTTM, the maximum temperature limit has been enhanced from 220°C for standard carbon rim to now 250°C.

Anit-Bite System

Anti-bite system (Patented by Bitex) – three small, lightweight and hundred stainless splines that will absorb the pressure of the steel cassette and prevent the cassette from gouging the freehub body.

6 Pawls System

Super smooth power transfer !

6 pawl system freehub body (Patented by Bitex) – 2 sets of 3 pawls alternate to allow constant engagement of the ratchet teeth to increase efficiency and resilience when pedaling.  Larger pawls handle more weights.


Minimize wheel vibrations at high speed !

Your carbon wheel ever shakes while it is rotating at high speed?  The extension valve on a deep section wheel has inserted addition weight causing the wheel to shake at high-speed rotation.  Considering the uneven weight distribution on a deep section wheel, we reinforce the carbon structure on the exact opposite side of the valve.  This treatment eliminates wheel vibration occurring at high-speed rotation.


An aero blade cutting through air !

All of Racing Spec Series wheels have equipped with special designed aero spokes to achieve maximum aero efficiency.  The specially designed aero spoke is more than lightweight and stiff, it is designed to outperform the current crop of high-end spokes that are found on today’s finest racing wheels.  Inspired by the nose cone of a dolphin, it offers the highest level of aerodynamic performance of any spoke on the market today.

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