Racing Spec 5.2

Racing Spec 5.2

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The Sprinter


Racing Spec 5.2 is built with solely one objective in mind – sprint victories. Refined to perfection, it has improved greatly in terms of aerodynamics, lateral and torsional stiffness, lightness and riding comfort. The newly designed 25 mm wide aero profile rim combining with TORZC second generation Ultra Smooth Carbon Fiber Moulding Technology have created a highly responsive 52 mm depth wheel with excellent aerodynamic efficiency at high speed. The 2018 Racing Spec series has introduced the new carbon Diamond Polishing TreatmentTM on the braking surface, in which provides supreme braking performance in both wet and dry conditions. Inherited the rolling smoothness from its first generation predecessor. Increases overall stiffness by 15% while the net rim weight reduced by 8%. Improves stability in aggressive cornering, overall handling, and comfort with the new wide aero carbon rim design. Taking care all aspects of a sprinter’s needs, Racing Spec. 5.2 is the perfect weapon for winning bunch sprints. [table “7” not found /]
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