Encouragement Program 2019-2020

Constantly challenge yourself, especially for young riders, to participate in races locally or overseas.  Set a target and try your best to achieve it.  No matter where you are from, we encourage you to train hard and race hard. We appreciate your hard work.

Race Classification(Road/Track Cycling)

Cat. 1
  • UCI 2.1 level or above races
  • Multi-stages tour – GC classification
Cat. 2
  • Local open races
  • Multi-stages tour (open)  – Single-stage
Cat. 3
  • Local Master/Age group races
  • Multi-stages tour (Age group)  – Single-stage
Cat. S
  • Claim Strava KOM (with at least 80 participants)
  • Multi-stages tour – KOM / Sprinter jersey

We have divided cycling races into four categories, and we offer different levels of cash rewards for your achievements in each category.

Cash Rewards

Cat. 1 Cat. 2 Cat. 3 Cat. S
Winner USD 80 USD 45 USD 30 USD 45
1st runner up USD 60 USD 35 USD 25
2nd runner up USD 40 USD 25 USD 20
Top 10 finish USD 20

How to apply

  1. Eligible to all original Torzc wheel owners.
  2. Register your wheels under the warranty program.
  3. Use Torzc wheels for racing.
  4. Providing race/podium photos to verify.
  5. Fill out the “Reward Claim Form” to claim the reward.
  6. We verify the result.
  7. Awards will be paid out via Paypal, in the form of cash, or a form of payment that is convenient.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Program available from Sept 1st 2019 to July 31st 2020.
  2. Apply to any road/track cycling races hosted by any local cycling association.
  3. Road races should have minimum of 10 participates.
  4. Eligible to ONLY the original owners of Torzc wheels with product registered under the warranty program.
  5. Each individual owner limits to claim the cash rewards no more than 10 times during the program period.  
  6. Participant shall allow us to share their achievements on the social network. 
  7. Torzc reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change these Terms and Conditions, and/or modify, discontinue or terminate this program at any time without prior notice.
  8. In the event of any dispute, the decision of Torzc shall be final and conclusive. 
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